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The Best & Easiest Way to Get Excellent Proofreading and Editing Services, Now !

Proofreaders Plus - Services 

Proofreading and Editing Services  

We provide top quality, professional Proofreading & Editing of your documents & word files, for excellent flow, grammar, spelling, style, structure & impact. We consistently deliver the completed & improved files to you by email, to meet your stated deadlines. Your documents will be safely handled, & with 100% confidentiality, 100% guarantee & 100% care. Order now, we’ve made it simple, easy & fast. Click here to visit our Proofreader Plus page - for your choices, price quotes & payments, based on your timeline & other preferences. It only takes a short moment to complete your order. We will get started on your order, right away. 

Order at any time - 24hrs./day, 7days/week ! 

Email us:    or Email: 


Prices, Timelines & Price-Quotes.

Choose Your Combined Proofreading & General Editing Price Quotes:


1.  Word Count: Enter Your  Document's Total Word Count:   _______________________  Words


  (Total price *  calculations are based on the requested timeline & speed, as well as the total word count. 

Pricing blocks are in 250 word-group increments, & any extra words are rounded up to the next, higher number of word-grouping blocks.)


2. Delivery Timeline:  How Soon Do You Require Your Finished Document, Delivered? 

 (Our services are available 7 days a week, starting after we have received your documents & Payment. ) 

Please choose your Delivery Timeline: 

  • 8 Days & more ($17.99 per 250 words)

  • 7 Days      ($18.99 per 250 words)

  • 72 hours  ($19.99 per 250 words)

  • 48 hours  ($20.50 per 250 words)

  • 36 hours  ($22.50 per 250 words)

  • 24 hours  ($24.50 per 250 words)

  • 12 hours  ($26.50 per 250 words)

  •  6 hours    ($28.99 per 250 words)

  •  3 hours    ($30.99 per 250 words)                                                                                                         * Please Note:  Volume Discounts may be Available for very Large, Word Files,  e.g. Book-Manuscripts or other Bulk Documents.  Contact us to inquire, & to receive your Discounted Price Quote; by providing your document's word-count details & the desired timeline, by email to: Email: or                   

Please Note: 

 For larger documents & manuscripts, longer delivery timelines may be required.


We've Made It Easy For You!

  • Simply Calculate Your Total Price (using our price guide) 

  • Upload/Download Your Document To Us By Email

  • Make Your Secure Payment online, or contact us about acceptable payment methods.

  •  Choose Your Delivery Timeline! 

  • Receive Your Finished Document On Time, & 100% Guaranteed!


Our Easy, Price Calculation Formula is:  


Your Total Word Count ÷ 250 words × Delivery Time = Total Payment * 

Due & Payable through our verified, Secure Payment Page, or with several, secure payment options. Please inquire by email.



Click Our Secure Payment Link at:    

    * All prices are in U.S. Dollars (US$) & the relevant taxes are already included. 



Our Simplified Process For Price Quotes, Payment, Delivery 

 & Our Guarantees: 

We have simplified the process for our clients, to ensure higher efficiency & professional excellence:


1.  Simply enter the Total Word-Count for your Original document (or have us do the counting for you).

2.  Select your preferred Turn-around / Delivery Time for the completed document or work order to be returned to you; as the required speed may have some impact on the prices.

3.  Calculate your Total Payment Due, for the full document(s) & adjust the preferred turn-around time, if necessary. The Price-quote is based on your: Total Word-count, divided by 250 (word blocks) & then multiplied by the price category for the chosen, Turn-around/Delivery time (any extra words are to be rounded up to the next, higher price level).

       [Price  =  Total Word Count  ÷  250 words  ×  Delivery Time  =  Total Payment Due.] 

                  All prices are in U.S. Dollars (US$) & the relevant taxes are already included.

   Volume Discounts: Price Discounts may be available for Very Large Documents, Book Manuscripts, etc. Please contact us by email, describing the size & general word-count of such large documents, and we will provide a written quote for the Discount price, if applicable. You will then be able to proceed with the upload or submission of your word documents & make the Discounted Payment, for your special, large volume order.  or 

4.  Make Your Payment Securelyby choosing any of the accepted payment options that are offered on our Secure Payment Page:  e.g. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Debit card, Interac, or Bank e-Transfer. [Click this Secure link for the Acceptable & Secure Payment  Methods: ]       

Payment Link:  

5. Send or Upload your Word Document/file to us by email, & include your name, email address & the amount you have paid, in your cover letter/text; along with the digital file Attachment or Word Document. (PDF files may be acceptable too, but their conversion into editable formats, may slow down the delivery time.) Email  or            

Please  Note: You will be advised (in advance) if any price calculation discrepancy is found after we have received your document, your instructions & the full payment. You will be notified by email within 24hours, as soon as those items are received by us.

6. Our highly professional Proofreaders & Editors will carefully review your document, make the necessary editing corrections, & also track any changes made to the original document. We will then email the finished & professionally completed document back to you, within the stated Turn-around Time or Deadline. Reasonable adjustments & ‘tweaks’ to the finished documents can later be made, & at no extra cost, for our clients.

7. Our No-Surprise Guarantees: Please note that a thorough but general editing service is offered & included, along with our professional proofreading service. However, if a more Intensive Editing service or a Specialized Editing style is required, we would be happy to provide an additional price quote for that requirement (in advance). Additional payment would be required, however, to cover that specialized service; along with the standard payment for the original order.

We also offer our 100% Guarantees that your documents will be very carefully handled, with 100% Confidentiality, 100% Quality service & 100% Professionalism.



Other Services Are Also Available: 

We offer a variety of top-quality, professional services for Authors, Academics, Students, Businesses, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Writers, etc. 

Please check out our other services, on the Homepage.


To Contact Us:  Proofreaders Plus  - A Division of J. Mayers Group - Publishing

    Email:   or   Email:



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