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J.  Mayers  Group  -  Publishing Services 

- Writers, Editors, Proofreaders, Consultants, Publishers.

 Mayers  Biographies  ~ Legacies In Print ~ 

Biography Writing, Editing, Proofreading & Book Publishing Services.


Mayers Biographies

- Legacies In Print.

Biography Writing & Publishing Services.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories! Unique Lives, Unique Stories!

Have your Life-story, your success story, or that of someone you love, written & preserved in a beautiful, top-quality, biography book. 

We make it easy. Contact us, then just relax & tell your story. 

We Write, Edit, Design, fully Produce & Deliver your high-quality & professionally finished books to you.

We do all the work for you and you don’t have to write one word!

We consult with you in person, by phone, or the internet and carefully record, write, edit, proofread, publish & deliver your beautifully bound books to you, complete with genealogy charts, photographs, and other important inserts.

Your very own book, to enjoy and share with friends, family & future generations.


A Lasting Legacy & the Gift that keeps Giving, Generation after Generation.

For a FREEInitial Consultation, Contact Us. 




New !  D.I.Y. Books !!

Do It Yourself Services.  

 Writing & Self-Publishing Coaching Packages. 

Now Available. 

 D.I.Y. Coaching/Consulting Services

Our Author Services can be tailored to meet your needs as New Authors, or Previously Published Authors.

See Details about the  D.I.Y. Packages, on Our Services page.  

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 J. Mayers Group - Publishing

Books & More Books !

*Personal & Family Biographies 

 *Corporate Biographies

 *Educational Books 

*How To Books 

 *Success stories

*Self- Improvement Books 

*Commemorative & Anniversary Books 

*Poetry Collections 

 *Coffee-Table Books  &

*Other Non-Fiction.

 *Business Documents & Manuals . 

For more information,

Contact us:




Author Services


For New Authors or previously Published Authors, our Self-Publishing services can be tailored to fit your specific needs. We offer any or a combination of the following services; and are happy to supply a price quote in advance, to assist you in making the right decision.

An initial consultation by phone, email or in-person (when possible) is FREE!

We are happy to answer questions about our services from local clients as well as from clients worldwide.

Book Production Services

These include any or a combination of the following:

Writing - Our writers can do the actual writing for you. Easy, scheduled interviews, either in person, by phone, skype, or the internet. You speak, we write and publish your book!

Editing - Professional review, re-write and polish of the style & words of your book. Still YOU, only better!

Proof-reading - check and correct writing and word-processing errors.

Lay-out & format- design the look, feel and flow of the book, insert pictures, diagrams, clippings etc.

Cover design - An attractive & appropriate cover & title is essential to the success of your book.

Binding- Choose the style that is most appropriate for your soft or hardcover book.

Industry codes& numbers - Copyright, ISBN, 

Cataloging & Legal Deposit of the publication.

Manuscript-production only, or the finished book.

Printing- Styles, fonts, quantity, size, quality, paperweight, book finishes.

Custom services - Tailored to your needs, including  flash-drive, CD, DVD, Video & Audio recordings & book delivery. 


What Our Customers Say

“I can't believe how beautiful my biography book is & how interestingly you have narrated my life-story! My friends, family and I truly love it. At 93 years of age, this project got me excited again; it was a dream come true! I highly recommend your services to anyone, thanks for your expertise.”       

 - L. Miller (Victoria, BC.)

"It has been a pleasure to work with professionals who are dedicated to their projects. The care and enthusiasm (of the J. Mayers Group -Publishing) has been evident in getting my book written and published."

- Brigadier General C.H.A. Thompson. (West Vancouver, BC)

“For people thinking of writing & publishing their life stories, I would whole heartedly recommend Joké and the JMG- Publishing. She got to know me as a person, which helped her to produce a wonderful manuscript. The editing was very good too, they knew what to put in (or leave out). Go for it. It is worth much more than the price tag. Yourfamily & friends will cherish the books for years & years!” 

 - Evelyn M. (Victoria, BC) 

"I've fully appreciated the courtesy & co-operation afforded me and how you have been able to organize my random ramblings into a beautiful book. Of course, I'm very pleased with the final result of ... my biographical record."

- F. Dawe (Saanich, BC) 


Samples Of Our Publications.

Positive Publications Available FromOur Bookstore

Our Book Store

Visit our Bookstores to Buy & Download our Quality  

E-Books and Other Publications Today.





Positive Publications - A Division of  J. Mayers Group. 

Our eBooks are available for Purchase & Download Now at: 


Under The African Moon  - Short Tales That Teach Good Values eBook Edition $12.(US$)              - Joké Laniyonu Mayers  

In Under The African Moon, these beloved tales have been skillfully crafted and re-told, to further appeal to and benefit today’s young audiences, all over the world. Although the story settings may reflect the Africa of the author’s youth, the admirable values taught by these tales are universal in nature and therefore useful for everyone, everywhere.   - Joké Laniyonu Mayers (Author) 

Buy & Download yours ! $12. (US$)  





Proudly, I Am  Poetry Collection eBook Edition                                  - Joké Laniyonu Mayers (Author)         $12. (US$)


A Beautiful Collection of  Entertaining, Motivational & Inspirational Poetry.

  " This collection of poetry represents my unique tribute to the strength and adaptability of the human spirit. May my words impress you, console you, uplift you, bless you, encourage or at least amuse you, dear reader. You have a kindred spirit in this pensive soul." - Joké Laniyonu Mayers 

Buy & Download yours Now ! eBook Edition. $12.(US$)



The African Palate CookBook  eBook. $14. (US$) 

              - Joké  Laniyonu Mayers (Author) 


Easy, Delicious & Delectable Recipes from all over Africa &The Caribbean. Many Vegetarian& Wheat/Gluten-free Options are included too.  

 Buy & Download yours today !  eBook Edition$14. (US$)



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