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Mayers Biographies ~ Legacies In Print ~ Biography, Writing & Publishing Services  Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories !

Preserving Legacies - Enriching The World - One Book At A Time. 

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* Personal Biographies      *  Family Biographies      *  Success stories      * Corporate Biographies          *  Educational Books     * " How To" Books      *   Self- Improvement Books                                             *  Commemorative & Anniversary Books  *  Other Non-Fiction Books

*   Poetry Collections      *  Coffee-Table Books      * Business Books 

Unique Lives, Unique Stories !      

Have your life-story, your success story or that of someone you love, written & preserved in a beautiful, top quality, biography book.

We make it easy ! 

Contact us, then just relax & tell your story.  

 We do all the work for you and you don’t even have to write one word !

We consult with you in person, by phone or internet and carefully record, write, edit, proof-read, publish & deliver your beautifully bound books to you, complete with genealogy charts, photographs, and other important inserts. 

Your very own book, to enjoy and share with friends, family & future generations. 


A lasting Legacy & the Gift that keeps giving, Generation after Generation. 

Please call or email for more information, or to book our services :                                   

Tel: (250) 884-5446     

Email: [email protected]      Web: www.jmayersgroup.com


 For Aspiring New Authors or previously Published Authors, our Consulting & Self-Publishing Packages can be tailored to fit your specific needs. We offer standard packages or any combination of the following services; and are happy to supply a price quote in advance, to assist you in making the right decision.

 1 FREE Consultation: An initial consultation by phone, email or in person(when possible) is FREE ! We are happy to answer questions about our services from Local Clients and from Clients Worldwide.


Full Book Production Services :  Our Services include any or a combination of the following:

  •  Writing - Our writers can do the actual writing for you. Easy, scheduled interviews, either in person, by phone, skype, or the internet. You speak, we write, polish and publish your book!
  • Editing - Professional review, re-write and polish of the style & words of your book. Still YOU, only better! 
  • Proof-reading - Edit & correct all writing and word-processing errors.   
  • Lay-out & format- design the look, feel and flow of the book, insert pictures, diagrams, certificates, awards, news clippings etc. 
  • Cover design - An attractive & appropriate cover & book title, is essential to the success of your book.
  • Binding- Choose the style that is most appropriate for your soft or hardcover book.
  • Industry codes & numbers - Copyright, ISBN, Cataloging & Legal Deposit of the publication.
  • Manuscript - production of a manuscript only, or finishing the book.
  • Printing- Styles, fonts, quantity, size, quality, paper weight & finishes.
  • Customized services - Tailored to your particular needs, including: Flash-drives, CD, DVD, Video & Audio recordings; books, book-launches & delivery. 

NEW !!  D.I.Y.  Do-It-Yourself Writing & Self-Publishing; Consultant & Coaching Packages.                           (Offering Our Standard & Advanced Packages.)

For Information & Orders, Please Contact Us :    Tel: (250) 884-5446       

Email:  [email protected]    Web:  www.jmayersgroup.com  

Serving Clients Worldwide, from our offices in British Columbia, Canada. 

 Payment Methods:  Money Orders, Bank Drafts, Certified Cheques, E-Transfers or Email Payments. Major Credit Cards - Visa, MasterCard; as well as PayPal payments are accepted Online or by Telephone. 



Biography Production & Publishing Services:

Our standard Biography production Full Package includes:

Consultations, multiple interviews, collection & insertion of photographs, documents and other material, writing, editing, proof-reading, manuscript production, book formatting , cover designing, printing, full (soft) cover publishing and delivery of the published books to our clients.

Standard Personal Biography Full-Package Price = $24,800. 00 ($CAD + tax) *

Corporate Biography Packages from $48,800. 00  ($CAD + tax) *

Most of our standard Biography books are completed within 4 to 6 months.

* Please note that the price and completion schedule may be adjusted, due to the client’s additional requests, ability, availability and other relevant considerations.

All such price quote adjustments, invoices and requests will be supplied & mutually agreed upon in writing; in order to avoid misunderstandings or production delays.

Other Publishing Services:

New !!  D.I.Y.  Do-It-Yourself Writing & Self-Publishing; Consultant & Coaching Packages. (Offering our Standard & Advanced Packages.)    From:  $3,800. 0 (CAD$)

For other publishing Services, our prices are based on the client’s specific requests & preferences. Please contact us with details of your project, and we will provide a price quote, in writing.


Our Online Book Store

Visit our Book Store Page on this website, for our latest E-Books & other Publications, that are available for sale. Buy & Download our Top Quality E-Books & other Publications Today !     

Web: www.jmayersgroup.com    Email: [email protected]     Tel: 250 - 884-5446 


 What Our Clients Say :

       “I can't believe how beautiful my biography book is & how interestingly you have narrated my life-story! My friends, family and I truly love it. At 93 years of age, this project got me excited again; it was a dream come true!  I highly recommend your services to anyone, thanks for your expertise.”          - L. Miller (Victoria) 

       “Joké  Mayers has been really inspired twice in the last (few) years and her business is benefiting. When the sudden death of her husband (several) years ago left holes in the family history, Mayers was inspired to start a business as a biographer. It was her intent to capture the lives of people in print not only for themselves, but for their families. It's been a roaring success. Her staff is small - she has anywhere from three to six professionals & freelancers working on one project - and most books are completed in four months. She has several books already published and is currently working on more.”       - Newspaper article by reporter: Amy Dove - Saanich News Sep 01 2006 

(See more on the ABOUT US page)


The J. Mayers Group  -Publishing. Serving Clients Worldwide, from our offices in Victoria, BC. Canada. 


From Our Book Store:
Visit our Online Bookstore Page, to Buy & Download our Quality E-Books & Other Publications Today!  

 Web: www.jmayersgroup.com  Email: [email protected]  Tel: 250- 884-5446 

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